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Inspiration and Where Does It Come From?

Updated: Feb 17, 2023

I am often asked where I get my ideas from and what inspires me to take photographs. So in my first Blog I have decided to tackle this question.

Quite simply, my ideas come from everywhere. I don't have anyone particular specialist subject matter and ideas range from what music I am listening to, to what I am reading, where I am or even what mood I am in.

The image I have chosen to highlight (pictured above) is titled, He's Left Me Mum! it was inspired by an old album cover by 10cc called How Dare You and has my 21st Century take on the subject. Replacing the old fashioned telephone with a mobile and not being able to recreate the setting I adapted the location we used to suit the subject matter. Working with Ipswich based model Ayla Rose this is our interpretation of the scene. Quite a simple set up of one soft box and a reflector and converted to black and white to add some drama.

This is one of the images I shall use when I apply for my LRPS accreditation next year.

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