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On a 'Ad Hoc' basis I have been taking Matchday Photo's at Halstead Town since 2021. Initially it was to do something constructive after 'Lockdown'. I had no experience at all of photographing football matches and had a lot to learn, but I feel my skills have developed and I am now quite pleased with my efforts. it wasn't long before someone suggested that I sent the photo's to the club who then started to put them on their website and the club then suggested I sent them to the Halstead Gazette, who print at least one image with a credit to accompany their match report. I also set up a Halstead Town matchday Photo's Facebook page which generates a lot of interest and post them on X (Twitter) with a link to my website, which attracts a lot of visitors.  

I also write a short match report to give a fans eye perspective of the match. I hope you enjoy them and thanks for looking.

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