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On a 'Ad Hoc' basis I have been taking Matchday Photo's at Halstead Town since 2021. Initially it was to do something constructive after 'Lockdown'. I had no experience at all of photographing football matches and had a lot to learn, but I feel my skills have developed and I am now quite pleased with my efforts. it wasn't long before someone suggested that I sent the photo's to the club who then started to put them on their website and the club then suggested I sent them to the Halstead Gazette, who print at least one image with a credit to accompany their match report. I also set up a Halstead Town matchday Photo's Facebook page which generates a lot of interest and post them on X (Twitter) with a link to my website, which attracts a lot of visitors.  The club have now asked me if I would put a display of my work in the clubhouse and make the images available for sale, which I have now done. From this season, starting with the Romford match there is now a link to an online gallery where mounted prints can be ordered and paid for securely through an online shop. Prints of all the other matches are available, but you will need to contact me directly.

PRICE LIST: 1 PRINT - £10  2 PRINTS - £18   3 PRINTS - £25  4 - PRINTS £32  5+ PRINTS £7.50 each  P&P £2.60 1st Class Signed For

Please note: The Software only allows Shopping Baskets for each individual gallery so unfortunately it is not possible to mix and match.

Click on the thumbnails below and scroll through the gallery where there is a link to the online shop.

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