inspirational photographers

We all have to draw our inspiration from somewhere and the 6 photographers listed below have all played a part in influencing my style of photography. 

Bob Carlos Clarke.jpg

Bob Carlos Clarke

I first discovered Bobs work quite by accident. Back in 1981 he was credited as the photographer for an album cover by Barclay James Harvest and for many years thats where he remained until my interest in photography developed and I discovered his wonderful black and white work.

Helmut Newton

My introduction to Helmut's work is really quite recent. On a visit to Berlin in 2012 we went to the Museum of Fotografie, which hosts permanent exhibitions of his work. A true artist, his work is unique and inspirational. He has worked with some very colourful people at some very exotic locations.


Henri Cartier Bresson

I was blissfully unaware of Bresson's work until a judge at a competition I had entered commented on my image saying someone must be a fan of Bresson as this image is very reminiscent of his work. I hadn't the nerve to tell him afterwards that I'd never heard of him. I took his comment as a compliment.

David Lynch.jpg

David Lynch

I had no idea that Lynch was as well as being one of the worlds leading Film Directors Lynch was also a well respected Photographer. I visited his exhibition at The London Photography Gallery just off of Oxford Street and was totally blown away by his hand developed black and white prints depicting industrial buildings from around the world.

Mick Rock.jpg

Mick Rock

What a career Mick Rock has had. Photographing the worlds musical Royalty and getting paid for it at that. All of the iconic images of 70's stars such as Bowie and Ronson, Lou Reed and Iggy Pop are all his. An inspirational photographer whose work has adorned bedroom walls across the world and given many album covers cult status.

James Jarche.jpg

James Jarche

Jarche is a relatively recent discovery for me. His nephew actor David Suchet (aka Poirot) made a documentary of his uncles work for television and until then his work had remained pretty much undiscovered. Now critically acclaimed as a renowned photographer in his own right as he was mainly known for his work on Fleet Street as a Sports Photographer.