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The main ethos behind my photography is to record things how I see them and try and capture the mood at the time. In this digital age there are so many pre sets and filters you can use to enhance the images that more often than not, the scene has changed beyond recognition. I do tweak my images in Photoshop, but tend to avoid all of the special effects that are available.


As you can see from the different  galleries I don't really specialise one particular genre of photography, but like to try my hand at all kinds of subjects, using different techniques and equipment. Some of the images in these galleries dates back to 2008, which is when my passion in photography was reignited.

Some galleries contain more images than others, especially the Architecture and Gigs pages, two genres which I particularly enjoy. I will add more content to the galleries as and when I have new images to showcase, so do call back to see what I've been up to. 

All of my work is available to buy via my Fine Art Printing Services page.

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