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Sunday 19th May These images are from the first of 4 sets that I shot with Ayla and 3 other photographers at the TBG Studio in Newmarket. We each had an hour to shoot a theme of our choosing and this set was chosen by Steve who opted to used blue and yellow gels and a wind machine to create these colourful images. Personally speaking, I think the blue gel makes the facial features look a little severe and would have used a red gel as a back light instead of the yellow, but non the less I am most pleased with the results. Thanks to Rob, the studio manager for having the patience of a saint to set it all up (and also the fantastic array of lighting and soft boxes.


Thursday 16th May Having lived in the area for just over a year I am beginning to find my way around and felt it was now time to explore the streets of Sudbury with my camera. Looking through the various local Facebook pages it is quite apparent that there are many talented photographers in the area and I have seen lots of wonderful images of the brighter side of Town, the Water Meadows, the Old Railway Track and Brundon Mill, but what is Sudbury like on a rainy day? Yesterday presented the perfect conditions for me to brave the elements and go and find out. Recently, I have been introduced to the work of the American Photographer Saul Leiter and without wanting to plagiarise his style I have certainly used it as inspiration and edited this set of images in black and white using a set range of black and white film style filters (not Silver Efex) to try and emphasise the gloomy conditions. So here is my take on Sudbury in the rain and I fully intend to add to this project with images taken on a brighter day.


Monday 29th April I spent a most enjoyable couple of hours this morning with a few members of Halstead Photographic Society wandering around Bradfield Woods near Bury St Edmunds taking photo’s of Bluebells, Wild Garlic and Butterflies. It was very much a back to basics morning and armed with just my 105mm Macro lens I set off with the intention of just enjoying myself and the company of like minded people. So here is a small selection of the images I took that morning. I've tried to make them as varied as possible. I hope you enjoy them.

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