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April 3rd - 24th 2023

Have finally found the time to edit the rest of the photo's I took in Cyprus. I had to be quite ruthless as I had taken over 400, but here are a selection of my favourites.

They're very much holiday photo's, a lot of them being taken because I was there at the time and not able to get there when the light was at it's best. I'd have loved to have been in the Troodos mountains in a car at daybreak or dusk, but it was on a coach stop at mid day. Despite this I'm quite pleased with my efforts.

They're all hand held as I didn't take a tripod with me, but I did use a polariser filter to give them some oomph.

Hope you like them!


Tuesday 7th February 2023

This morning and found myself at Melford Country Park. The fog was still hanging in the air and the River Stour looked quite mystical.  I crossed the bridge and made my way along the Valley Walk (which is the disused Sudbury to Long Melford railway line)  to Brundon Mill and back. Brundon Mill being re known for the many Swans that reside there. It was good to be out in the fresh air with just the birdsong for company. Apart from the odd annoying sound of a chainsaw coming from the woods. The fog had lifted by the time I arrived at Brundon and the Swans were enjoying the bright sunshine. One unusual sight was a Squirrel struggling up a tree with a rather large bread roll. I'd imagine that would last him a good few days.

It was a most enjoyable way to spend a couple of hours and I'm most pleased with the images.

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