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may'24  camlik railway

In 2017 we spent 2 weeks travelling around Turkey and by chance we stumbled across the Camlik Railway Museum, which in reality was a graveyard for rusty old steam engines and carriages. 

Photographically speaking, there was a lot there that realliy interested me and I spent a happy hour or so photographing these rusty relics.
The high early afternoon sun are soaring temperatures were a bit of a draeback, but I was only going to be there once and took advantage of the situation.

This is a typical 'Rob Shot' A simple composition of the front of a steam engine.

v Saffron Walden_111.jpg

march '24  on the volley

Up until the autumn of 2023 I could regularly be found taking matchday photographs at Halstead Town on a Saturday afternoon. Alas old age and arthritis is setting in and I have for the time being decided to take a break from it.

Out of the 100's of photo'dsI have taken I would have to say that this one of Harry Pinkney scoring'on the volley' is my favourite. A real action shot, which was published in the local paper.


september'23  ross revenge

Going back to Autumn 2019 I was asked by Radio Caroline if I would go out to the Ross Revenge to take some photographs and help produce a book capturing life on board the 'Old Lady' on a Live Broadcast week end. This image captures the mood of the chilly autumn morning that I went out there.

In the end we didn't use it for the cover photo, but was offered as a prize when I sponsored the December Christmas Live Broadcast weekend.


october'22  window shopping

Having taken a break from photography in general and suspending my website account since April, my mojo has now returned and I have relaunched it with some fresh images.

I took this one in September while I had a couple of hours spare while we were in Truro. 

One from a small set of 'street photography' style images where I tried to capture the mood of a Friday afternoon, this one of a man patiently waiting outside Primark.


april'22 lost property

Something a little different for me. Whilst out at Walton on the Naze as part of my Between the Bridges project I couldn't help but take this photo of a pair of child's trainers that had been left on the sea wall, presumably after a paddle in the cold north sea.

It's really not the type of image I'd normally take, but it appealed to my  more caring side, thinking that someone had lost their shoes.

Ayla Bath_1.jpg

march'22  ayla

This image of Ipswich based model Ayla was taken at her home way back in 2018. There were 3 photographers involved at the shoot where we worked on two themes, one using fruit floating on the water and then this one using powdered milk to colour the water and roses as decoration.

For some unknown reason I didn't edit the images until quite recently, but am really pleased with the outcome.


february'22  halstead town

Over the past few months I've taken to photographing football matches. Or trying to I should add.

There is a lot more to it than you'd think and I have much respect for the sports photographers who's work adorns the back pages of the daily papers.

I'm very much a novice at this type of photography, but was quite pleased with this action shot taken at Rosemary lane, Halstead when they entertained Buckhurst Hill who were very strong opposition and ran out 6-0 winners.


january'22 lunch al fresco

This is quite an old image taken back in September 2015 in the Castle Park in Colchester. 

I've featured it as my IOTM as the original shot had two wires running across the frame and I used it as a Photoshop exercise in editing them out.

Even though I say it myself, I think I've made a pretty good job of it.


december'21 the bandstand

I took this image on a misty evening in December 2017 at the Public Gardens in Halstead, where I used to live when I was a teenager.

I had taken something very similar in the early 1980's which I entered into a competition at the old Bromley Road Camera Club in Colchester and to my surprise, I won.

This one is technically a much better shot, but the original effort retains a special place in my heart.


november'21 orwell bridge

Back in 2020 I embarked on a project which I entitled 'Between the Bridges'. This would see me photograph the Essex Coastline between the Orwell and QEII Bridges.

No sooner had I started we had to deal with Lockdown and all plans were very much put on hold. Having now sorted a lot of problems which hampered my ability to resurrect the project I am happy to say I am picking it up again. Albeit nearly 3 years after it was conceived.

Strawberry Splash.jpg

october'21 strawberry splash

Strawberry Splash is the result of an enjoyable afternoon spent in my small studio with a photographer friend who patiently helped achieve this image. Basically we spent the afternoon dropping various types of fruit into a small fish tank and remotely triggering 2 flash guns in sync to see what we could achieve.

This is just one of many pleasing images we achieved that afternoon.


september'21 god's fingers

Taken in the Scottish Highlands at Glencoe this image lent itself perfectly to some mono treatment. I love the relationship between angled craggy  rock face in the foreground and the distant mountain top in the distance, but what I really enjoy is the two feint shafts of light peeping through the clouds. I was once told these rays of light are God's fingers, hence the title of this picture.


august'21 making honey

A rather pleasing image taken whilst randomly walking round my garden with my Macro lens.

Hardly any of the image is in focus but it is redeemed as the Bees head and the flower head it is taking the nectar from are sharp.

I was so pleased with thiseffort i used it for the cover image on my 2020 Calendar.

Contemporary Photography


july '21the end of the day

This is one of my more recent images. It was taken at St Minver in north Cornwall just a few yards from where we have our caravan. (literally behind the hedge)

It was a lovely evening and I went for a walk with my camera just out to try and capture the evening sunset.

I just love the way the sun creeps through the clouds and casts highlights across the field of barley and brings out a warm evening glow.

Soulful Strings WEB.jpg

june'21 soulful strings

This image was taken on The Charles Bridge on a very cold January Sunday morning. It was also the early days of my involvement with club competition photography.

I was thrilled when it was selected to represent my club in a nationwide competition and even more thrilled when it won.

His expression captures the mood beautifully and the sepia toning adds to the cold eastern European setting.

Brandenberg at Dusk WEB.jpg

may'21 brandenberg gate

Between 2012 and 2018 our son lived and worked in Berlin, so we were very fortunate to visit him and explore the city on many occasions. 

Travelling RyanAir meant taking a tripod uneconomical, but fortunately one of his friends kindly lent me his and I finally was able to get this shot.

It was taken at around 4.00pm on a Saturday a couple of weeks before Christmas. I don't think I've ever been so cold taking a photograph. Afterwards it was straight to a Christmas Market for a glass or two of Gluwein to thaw out.

Gaby Baldocci WEB.tif

april'21 gabi baldocci

Going back to September 2018 I was very lucky to have ben given a photographers pass for 'Resonate' an all day Prog Rock Festival at the O2 Islington.

One of the bands playing that day was London based The Gift and Gabi is their extremely talented keyboard player. He is classically trained and works as a Professor of Music.

I'm really pleased with this image as I feel it captures him playing his instrument with feeling.

Rough Tor_1.jpg

march'21 rough tor

Taken on a blustery spring afternoon, this image shows the vast expanse that is Bodmin Moor in Cornwall. The summit on the left hand side is Rough Tor. Although it doesn't look too far when you set off, I can assure you that when you're carrying a heavy camera bag and tripod it becomes quite an arduous climb.

I deliberately edited this image to be heavy, dark and full of contrast to accentuate the billowing clouds.


february'21 soho coffee bar

Taken in 2020 just before the first Lockdown. I went up to Soho for an organised photo walk organised by Tony Bramley. The purpose of the evening was to capture the Neons of Soho shooting hand held with lens pretty much wide open. It was a really enjoyable few hours and this image captures the mood of the evening.

Girl With The Purple Hair WEB.jpg

january'21 the girl with the purple hair

Whilst in Prague 2-3 years ago we visited the John Lennon Wall where this very attractive young lady asked me if I'd take a photo of her and her friend on her phone for them, which I gladly obliged.


In return I asked if I could take her photo and here is the result. I really wish I'd asked for her name as the image is titled The Girl With The Purple Hair and not something more suitable like Katya.

Either way, this image has done well for me when I used to complete in camera club competitions.


december'20 the gift

Going back to the summer of 2018 I was lucky enough to get photographer passes for The Cambridge Rock Festival, The Cornwall Folk Festival and Resonate at the Islington O2. 

It was at the Cambridge Rock Festival that I discovered London based Prog act. The Gift. Pictured is frontman Mike Morton whoI had the pleasure of meeting at the Islington O2 where he had asked me to cover the event he had organised. 

concrete and glass.jpg

november'20 concrete & glass

Taken on a photographic day out at The Barbican in London. This image satisfies my passion for Brutalist Architecture.


I had intended to put together a online virtual exhibition of architectural images, but sadly it didn't materialise this year. Perhaps I can revisit the idea in the new year.

There are more images taken on this trip to London on my latest images page.


october '20 'the cigarette'

This image is a few years old now and was taken at my very first 'nude' model shoot at The Windmill Art Studio, Linton near Cambridge.

Ana, the model, was Russian and a delight to work with. She was very helpful in settling my nerves and we achieved some great images.

This particular image has done well for me in club competitions and was part of my successful CPAGB award which I gained at Maidstone in Kent.


september'20 jackdaw

The Jackdaw was sat observing the situation in The Castle Park, Colchester.


I had gone there armed with my trusty 150-500mm Zoom lens to take photo's of the many Squirrels that can be found there foraging for food.

On a photographic level I enjoy how the long lens and wide aperture have isolated the bird from its surroundings.

St Michael's Mount_19.jpg

august'20 on the beach

The Tractor had finished its days work on the beach at Marazion in Cornwall.


The sun was setting and the light had dispersed into a lovely pastel shade of orange.

Personally, I like the peace and stillness it represents as it stands glowing proudly after it's days toil.


july'20 ballerina daydream

This composite image was conceived with the help of Robert Farrow who supplied the Isis Wings and model Ayla at her home studio in Ipswich.

A really simple lighting set up of one 24" Soft box and a Silver Reflector and taking a variety of images to create the composition I was looking for.


I used Photoshop to resize the images, altering the opacity, and using layers play around with the composition until I was happy with it.

Another image that has done well for me in club competitions.

House for Essex_Image ot Month.jpg

june'20 a house for essex

Grayson Perry's, A House For Essex really is something straight out of Hansel & Gretel. It is situated at Wrabness which is just a few miles from Harwich, Essex. 

For this image I used a infra red filter to slow things right down and add some movement to the windswept tree and grass. The infra red effect adds a surreal quality to this most unusual building.

It has done rather well for me as I won an award for it in a competition for images taken in Essex and is also my best seller. It never fails to invoke conversation when I am at fairs and exhibitions.

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