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A Silk Purse?

As you may have noticed, I am going through a black & white phase at the moment and revisiting some old images and trying out a new way of editing my mono images using Photoshop RAW.

There are certain subjects and situations that really lend themselves to black and white photography. Back in the days of film you had to make a conscious decision about shooting in colour or black and white, but with the advent of digital technology we now have a choice.

Using different editing techniques you can transform a dull, flat colour photo into a punchy and dramatic black and white image.

There is a wonderful piece of Software called Silver Efex which allows you to recreated just about every combination of black and white film and paper, filters etc. The only reservation is, with so many presets available the work has already been done for you.

The technique I have used in converting this rather bland colour image of Rough Tor in Cornwall into a punchy black and white image was done in Photoshop RAW.

Although still created on a computer using some very clever software, personally, I feel that I have 'been behind the wheel' so to speak and have used my knowledge and skill to create what for me is a very pleasing result, as opposed to clicking on a pre set.

I'd be pleased to have any feedback and suggestions you may have.

Top: The original un edited colour file.

Bottom: Finished Black & White image.

I think you will agree that the black and white image has a lot more drama and impact. So the question is; have a made a Silk Purse out of a Pigs Ear?

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