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The Story Behind The Image

An insight into this award winning photograph

The Berlin Wall

On a visit to Berlin, we did the usual tourist things to find out more about the extraordinary history this city has seen and obviously the infamous Berlin Wall had to be visited.

This photograph was taken from the old Observation Tower which is now part of 'The Wall' Museum which is opposite an intact stretch of the depressing concrete structure that divided the city. I titled the picture 'Freedom' as I felt the people pictured have the freedom to travel in whichever direction they choose along what was once the notorious death strip where they would have been shot on sight. There are many plaques inlaid into the road to mark the spots where people fell in their desperate attempt to reach the west. A very poignant place to visit.

On a photographic level I converted the image to monochrome and increased the contrast to accentuate the mood of the shot. I especially liked the interplay between the vertical lines of the concrete slabs and the patterns formed by the various brickwork on the path and road. The horizontal tram lines and power line giving the image direction. On a compositional level one of the golden rules of photography has been broken. The two people walking and the one on the bicycle are leaving the scene where as it is said that people should always be entering. Oh well rules are made to be broken.

I would really enjoy reading your comments and this image is available to buy as either a mounted fine art print or framed picture.

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