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The Story Behind The Image

The Olympiastadion, Berlin

Going back to 2012 we made the first of many visits to Berlin while our son was living there from 2011- 2017. With a strong interest in architecture and stadiums as well as more than a passing interest in the Third Reich we made the long U Bahn journey out west to visit the historic site of the 1934 Berlin Olympics.

Essentially, it was still the same structure, but had been modernised for the World Cup Finals in 2006, mainly a new roof and seats. As we entered you could sense the history held within and only marvel at the size of the structure and quality of the architecture. This was my first experience of Third Reich Architecture and the only word I can find suitable is imposing and at this point I still had the pleasure of Tempelhof to come.

This image was taken by hanging out of an opening in the Bell Tower which overlooks the stadium and has unbroken views across Berlin. The Fernsehturm (The Old Communist TV Tower) can be seen standing proudly at Alexander Platz in the east of city. You can also see the long straight avenue heading east into the city centre. Inside the Bell Tower was a museum and a cafeteria and thankfully a lift to all floors.

It was a very interesting afternoon as we wandered around the vast Olympic Park which still housed the outdoor Swimming Pool and can you believe situated within the grounds was a Cricket pitch.

Pictured below are some images taken inside the stadium where you can see the Bell Tower at the far end of the stadium.

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Reza Vakil
Reza Vakil

Good shots, Rob. How is the capacity of staduim ? Is it based on the stadium was built in third Reich ?

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