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training and workshops

I can now offer 1 2 1 workshops covering all aspects of the photographic process ranging from helping inexperienced beginners get to grips with the basic principles of taking pictures to helping the more experienced photographer set up profiles etc on their printer.

Each workshop is individually tailored to meet your specific requirements and at no time will you ever feel under pressure to achieve anything you're not ready for. 

Workshops can be carried out either on site, at my home studio or via Zoom. All of these workshops are designed to help you develop your own style and techniques. Everybody is different.

All workshops are priced at £35 per hour. (travel is free within a 20 mile radius of Colchester)

EachContemporary Photography

helping you to get the best from your camera..........


No, we won't be getting up at 'silly o'clock' to meet at a beach in the dark to set up tripods and hope there's a decent sunrise.


These are the things you can do in your own time when you have learned how to achieve the images you want to take.

What we cover in these workshops are:

• Composition (the most important factor)

• Focussing Points

• Metering Points

• Choosing the correct aperture

• Choosing the correct shutter speed


• White Balance

• Shooting in RAW or JPEG

• Lens Choice

• Using a Tripod

These are the essential elements of photography and remember you don't need £100's of equipment to take great photographs.

Want to put what you have learned into practice? Then we can got out to a venue of your choice to fine tune your technique.

post production. adobe creative cloud suite........


There are many brands of photo editing software on the market such as Affinity, Luminar Al and Topaz and I'm sure they're all very good, but if you want to learn how to do something 'properly' then Adobe Creative Cloud is the market leader and at only £9.98 p/m represents excellent value for money.

What we cover in these workshops are:

• Workflow using Lightroom, Bridge,  Camera RAW and Photoshop.

• Housekeeping, Filing, Re numbering

• Opening, Editing, Saving files

• Exploring the toolbar

• All aspects needed to edit files (all tailored to suit where you are on your editing journey)

• Saving for printing and internet use

These workshops are designed to give you knowledge and confidence and develop your own method of working.

These workshops are ongoing, there is always something you need to learn or technique you want to try and can be booked in hourly slots

printing. what you need to know.................


So you've taken your image and edited it and now you're ready to print it out. Yes you can just  go to file and print, but there is a lot more to be learned to get the best from your printer.

Whether you have a 4 ink cartridge A4 printer or a 9 ink cartridge A2 Roll Printer, the principles are exactly the same.

What we cover in these workshops are:

• Colour Space

• Mode

• Resolution for printing

• Printer Settings

• Profile Settings

• Paper Selection

• Black & White Printing

• Soft Proofing


As you can see, there are many variables involved in the printing process and having the right profile for your monitor -printer - paper type is of utmost importance. 

I am equally happy to show you how to produce punchy high quality prints on specialist paper or print out your favourite pictures on your home printer.

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