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29th January 2020 Having worked in Ipswich in the late 1990's I became quite familiar with it on my daily journey. Opened in December 1982 it completed the much needed bypass around Ipswich and the relentless heavy traffic bound for Felixstowe docks no longer rumbled through the town centre. I needed a starting point for my project and this geographically being  the furthest east seemed the natural place to start. I had never ventured off the well trodden path of the A14 and had no idea you could access the base of this majestic structure. For some reason unknown to man, I am drawn to the delights of Brutalist Concrete Architecture and these pillars and posts really 'floated my boat' and form the main part of this set of photographs. It was a bright and chilly winters afternoon when I visited this site just east of Wherstead in Suffolk and with the sun setting in the west a lovely golden glow was cast over the bridge brightening up the cold grey concrete and creating some warm reflections in the River Orwell. ​ The images below capture both the stark industrial concrete structure and the rural location on the banks of the River Orwell. ​To view the full size images click and scroll through the gallery.

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