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Try To Get It Right First Time

Above, the finished image complete with missing corner.

One of the real advantages of Digital Photography are the benefits of Photoshop and post production. I took this picture of the guitarist in 'Limehouse Lizzy' at the Cambridge Rock Festival and at the time was really pleased with it, but it bugged me that I'd clipped the corner off the Machine Head. So I decided to spend some time rectifying this annoying glitch.

I made a new slightly larger canvas and copied the original image across. Then made a duplicate layer and enlarged it and put the new layer behind the original. I then made another duplicate layer, cut out the complete corner, repositioned it and erased the excess to reveal the original file file underneath.

It sounds complicated, but once you've worked out what you want to do and how you are going to set about the task, it didn't take too long.

I'm most pleased with the result, but the message is. Frame the shot properly in the first place and you won't have to spend time fixing it when you get home.

Above, the original image with missing corner.

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