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proposed lrps panel

Over the past few weeks I have been encouraged and advised by Tony Bramley FRPS to put together a 'panel' of images and apply for my LRPS accreditation.

Basically, you have to select 10 images using various photographic techniques and arrange them so that when viewed as a whole the 10 images create an 11th picture.

The top picture shows how they will look when they are printed out and presented on 16" x 20" mounts.

For the time being I am putting this little project on hold as the Advisory Day and Assessment Days are being held on line via Zoom meetings and should the current situation allow, I'd really like to print everything out and take them and be there in person. 

Top left to right - Common Blue Butterfly (Natural History) - Lemon & Lime Splash (Flash Photography) A House for Essex (Infra Red Photography) - Faith (Studio Portrait) - Snowdrop (Macro Photography)

Bottom Left to Right - Soho at Dusk (Street Photography) - House at Dungeness (Long Exposure) Gabby Baldocci, The Gift - Gig Photography - The Berlin Wall (Journalist Photography) - Light Trails (Second Curtain Flash)

And just in case, there are also 5 spares. Contemporary Photography

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