proposed lrps panel

Tony, I printed these 20 images out as 4" x 3" thumbnails which I feel are contenders to make up my panel, laid them out and played around with them until I arrived at what I thought was the best combination.

Top row left to right I have:

Natural History; Street;  Infra Red; Still Life; and 2nd Curtain Flash

Bottom Row:

Hi Speed Flash; Long Exposure; Gig; Blue Hour Long Exposure and Studio. (i took the gig image on your 20D that you kindly let me borrow)

All self explanatory, the top image is what I think my panel should be like and the gallery below shows them all as thumbnails. (Double click and scroll through to see the full size images).

Once we've settled on the selection I'll print out some half size proofs and let you have a look. There's no hurry on this, whenever you have time.


Many thanks,


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