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2nd February 2024 Shamefully, it was almost 2 years to the day that I last worked on my Between the Bridges project. A lot has happened over that period, with the majority of the time taken up with a very stressful house move which left little time for photography projects and updating websites. So, better late than never, we decided to blow away the cobwebs with a trip to the coast, which was an ideal opportunity to resume work on this project. It was quite a dull day which put me into black and white mode, which the majority of these images are. When I originally edited the images I really wasn't overwhelmed with the black and whites. They were flat and dull. I was no longer happy with my tried and trusted editing technique, so decided to investigate Silver Efex. Specialist Black & White editing software. I'm really happy with the results, they have more punch and detail which really suits my style of photography. As for the day. We had a pleasant Sunday stroll from the greensward at Dovercourt to the Halfpenny Pier in Harwich and back. And these images capture the mood of the afternoon, especially the ones taken on the return journey when the sun was glistening on the water. An enjoyable few hours out which has whetted my appetite to resume this project. To view the full size images click and scroll through the gallery.

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