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2nd December 2021 After a break of some 22 months I resumed my 'Between the Bridges' photography project by making the short journey to Cudmore Grove Country Park at East Mersea. It was early afternoon when I arrived and the extremely bright sun was already beginning to drop in the sky. Wrapped up well, I set off across the meadow which lead to the beach. The blue sky and sunshine were extremely deceiving as there was a very strong wind coming off the estuary and it was bitterly cold.  However, I was happy to be outside in the fresh air as I'd been laid low for a few days with a horrible cold and thought being outside would do me good. Heading out on my walk the sun was behind me and the view ahead although colourful was photographically speaking not very exciting, so I concentrated my efforts in to shooting 'contre jour' (into the light).  The sun really was very bright which made it very difficult to see what I was doing and what with the strong wind and being rather chilly it was a challenge to get things right. I was only there for about an hour and took around 25 images. For me, the four edited images below represent what I was trying to achieve photographically that day, which was picking out the patterns and shapes on the muddy estuary and the silhouettes of the distant wind farm. Image #1 is in colour, but I converted the other 3 into monochrome as the colours weren't very inspiring. ​To view the full size images click and scroll through the gallery.

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