The Orwell Bridge

January 29th 2020. Today had got to be the day, I'd been putting it off since last July and if I didn't do it today the whole project would probably fall by the wayside. It would be easy to say that the stars weren't aligned or the conditions weren't right, but the truth is I was really nervous about it all.

I had originally intended to go on these photo trips in 'Betty', my 1981 MGB GT, but after a worrying break down on the busy A30 in Devon last summer I decided that I would avoid taking her out if it involved busy dual carriageways and longer journeys, but she will appear w

I woke up on Wednesday feeling like I'd been out the night before and had 5 pints of Guinness and done 3 rounds with Muhammed Ali. Not too bad, as some days it is 10 pints and 12 rounds. It was a bright crisp and frosty morning, ideal photography conditions, but by the time I had started to come round it was 11.00 and the opportunity would be lost. I had a few emails etc to deal with and by the time I'd got my gear together and had some lunch it was 1.45 before I set off.

I wasn't exactly sure how to get to there, so set my phone to Google Maps which meant I couldn't stream Radio Caroline to my radio and had to endure Radio 2 on the journey there. Jeremy Vine was banging on as usual, making mountains out of mole hills, the coronavirus I think and then it was Steve Wright and his afternoon sycophants. Please, please b

ring back Diamond Geezer, Mr Angry from Purley and Mr Spoons. I suppose the traffic updates came in handy.

I arrived at the Orwell Bridge at 2.45 and the bright crisp morning had deteriorated into a dull flat afternoon, I wasn't inspired. Not to be deterred, I pulled a body and a couple of lenses out of 'Jetty' my oversized camera bag which is way too big to carry around, (christened so because it looks more like a Jetpack than a camera bag) and put them into a more manageable bag and set off towards the bridge.

I had been there for about an hour when the sun magically came out and completely changed the complexion of the afternoon and the bridge was bathed in late afternoon winter sunshine. I decided to change lenses from the 24mm -105 mm wide angle which had served to capture the shape and form of the bridge to my 70mm - 200mm telephoto lens and concentrate on some of the reflections in the River Orwell which had transformed from a dull dead body of water into a sunlit playground for 100's of Seagulls and also pull in some pictures of the traffic crossing this massive concrete delight.

I'm not really one for twee landscapes or getting up in the middle of the night to capture a sunrise or the 'blue hour'. I tend to turn up when I can and make the most of the light and conditions that I'm presented with. I like to record what I see and try and capture the atmosphere at the time. To be honest, I'm in envy of those who do get up and make the effort. Way too early for me and the way I am first thing in the morning.

After putting off embarking on this project for so long I am really pleased with the outcome of my first destination. The day began with me struggling with the Fibromyalgia. It was a huge effort to muster up the motivation to go out and do it, but by tea time I was home and had taken some satisfying photographs and taken something positive from the day. 

I hope you have found Issue #1 of my Between the Bridges Project interesting? and thanks for looking. Rob.

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