latest work

I have created this page to showcase my latest work apart from my existing galleries. The page will be refreshed every time I have put together a new collection or set of images and the old images added to the appropriate galleries.

Flowers in the Garden

SUNDAY 13th June


Whilst the majority were most probably glued to the TV this afternoon watching England play football, I decided to get my camera out for the first time this year and take a few images of the flowers in the garden.

The object of the exercise was to capture the shape and form of the flowers in an abstract fashion. Differential focus and Bokeh being essential elements of the project. The strong sunlight playing a major role in creating the colour, shapes, highlights and shadows I was looking for.

I hope you like what I've done and I'll look forward to reading any constructive comments you may have.

All hand held and manual focus using a Canon 5D MkII, Sigma 105mm Macro Lens. All shot at f4 Aperture Priority with Auto ISO and letting the camera handle the Shutter Speeds.

Bright sunshine and a slight breeze.