latest work

I have created this page to showcase my latest work apart from my existing galleries. The page will be refreshed every time I have put together a new collection or set of images and the old images added to the appropriate galleries.

black & white, ansell adams style

Another batch of images revisited during this lockdown. I bought a black and white photography magazine and was inspired to edit a few images using a Ansell Adams style workshop. 

Going back to the 70's when I used to work in a darkroom, my speciality was printing out high contrast black and white prints on a hard grade Kentmere photographic paper. A bit of dodging and burning and hand developed in strong mix of Ilford PQ Developer. I really enjoyed that era of my career.

I'd have to say that I've always held black and white photography dear to my heart. You can be more creative in black and white, for me it's an organic process. A feeling you just can't recreate on a computer.

In saying that, I have recently discovered a new technique for editing black and white images in Photoshop RAW and have re worked a few old images I've taken in Cornwall to give them a new lease of life.

I've tried to re create the classic Ansell Adams style, may have overdone the contrast a bit, but I enjoy the drama of black and white and compared to the original colour images, they certainly pack a punch. It will be interesting to see what they print out like.

camlik railway museum, turkey

Not exactly recent work but, going back to our holiday in Turkey in 2017 we stumbled across the Camlik Railway Museum whilst stopping off for some lunch at a service station.The folder of images had sat on my computer ever since with a half hearted promise that one day I would edit them.

Almost 4 years later I've finally done them. I must have been in a abstract kind of mood that day as I seem to have focussed on the rust and peeling paint and the colours, patterns and shapes they made.

It really was a lucky find and a most enjoyable hour. It was also early afternoon and the blazing sun was high in the sky which helped create some colourful and contrasty images.