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Saturday 30th October


My second visit to Rosemary Lane with my camera and this time I wanted to try my hand at actually capturing the action. The camera bag isn't really equipped with what would be considered professional standard kit and my pockets not deep enough to buy it either.


I opted to use my rather heavy Sigma 150-500 f5.6 Zoom Lens and mounted it on a monopod to help take the weight. I set the body up so that it would continually refocus and take multiple images. It's a good job I wasn't using film as it would have been a very expensive afternoon. The next thing to get right was the composition . Obviously being a football fan you have a good idea as to how the game is flowing, but really anticipating the action and getting 'the money shots' is indeed a skill on its own. I'm quite please with what I achieved as a first attempt, but I've got a lot to learn if I want to capture the real action.

As for the match. It kick off a few minute late due to the Referee getting a puncture on the way to the ground. Barkingside started the livelier and looked to be much tougher opposition than Park View who were the previous visitors. Halstead weathered the early pressure and fond themselves 2-0 up at half time. It could easily have been 3, but a well struck shot was smashed against the post. Halstead had much the better of the second half and wrapped up the points with a spectacular overhead kick from a corner. Yes, you've guessed, I didn't anticipate that one.

Thurlow Nunn Division 1 South

Millbank Stadium (or Rosemary Lane for us old timers)

Halstead Town 5-0 Barkingside

Admission £6 (£3 concessions)

Programme £1

Cheeseburger & Tea £4

Att 187

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