between the bridges

What exactly is 'Between the Bridges' I hear you ask? so let me tell you..................


As some of you may be aware, I suffer with both Crohn's Disease and Fibromyalgia with Arthritis in my hands & feet and Spondylitis of the Lower Spine thrown in for good measure. Consequently, having all this to deal with meant I had to 'retire' from full time employment at the end of 2013.


Although I have found an outlet with my Photography to keep me occupied and have run it as a part time business venture for the past 18 months I really wanted to embark on a project which utilises the skills I have acquired over the past 45 years and have decided to create 'Between the Bridges'.


Essentially, what I am intending to do is, starting at the Orwell Bridge and photographing the Essex coastline until I reach the QEII Bridge at Dartford. To add some interest to this project I shall be going to these places with my mistress 'Betty' my 1981 MGB GT.


So what is the point of this project? What I want to do is raise awareness of these so called 'Silent Illnesses' which extends to people who suffer with MS, ME, Colitis, IBD, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Depression, Anxiety and such like to show the world that although we suffer and may not be able to live a 'full life' i.e. go to work full time and have to have long periods of rest we are not lazy and malingerers or benefit scroungers and do have skills and ambitions and want to be treated as such.

The work place can be quite a hostile environment for people who have these illnesses and comments such as 'Here he is, always off sick, letting the team down, but still getting paid' (yes, someone did used to say that to me) or the silent treatment really don't help when you're at your ill and at your wits end.


Being told by employers that you've had too many sick days and one more and you'll have to attend a disciplinary hearing and being told you're not getting paid for the hospital appointment you've got, which ironically is to try and find out why you're having time off sick just compound the misery.


I do feel very strongly about these issues and want to try and raise awareness to the ill or mis informed and would be delighted if you could join me on this journey.


As I visit each location I will write a Blog and share pictures of the day until I have completed the journey. So do drop by and see how things are going. All of the details are on 'Between the Blog'


Rob Price 30/05/2019

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